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What It’s Like to Have Your Immune System Attack Your Hair

What It's Like to Have Your Immune System Attack Your Hair (1)

Autoimmune conditions are some of the most baffling medical conditions to affect the human body. Your immune system is supposed to protect your body from foreign viruses, but it can get confused. In an autoimmune disease, your immune system starts to attack your own body.

Types of Autoimmune Condition

There are lots of types of autoimmune disease, these include:
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Type 1 Diabetes
– Dermatomyositis

What Happens?

An auto immune system is where your own bodies defenses turn against you. These will start to fight your own healthy tissue which can cause all sorts of damage. One common problem people experience is hair loss.

Alopecia AreataWhat It's Like to Have Your Immune System Attack Your Hair (3)

Alopecia Areata is the medical condition where your immune system starts to attack your hair. This is a devastating condition for anyone who suffers with it. Your immune system will actually fight your hair as if it is dangerous to your body. As a result, the hair will fall out.

Anyone can suffer from an auto immune hair loss condition. Typically it starts in a person child hood. Although it can affect you at any time in your life. It also sometimes runs in families, if you have a close family member who has suffered from the condition then you are more at risk.

What are the Causes?

Doctors aren’t currently aware of the cause of the auto immune condition. There must be some form of a trigger which causes a person’s immune system to start attacking the hair follicles. It has been proposed that this could be due to a person environment, or because of a certain virus. It’s also believed that certain genes increase the chances of suffering from hair loss due to an auto immune disorder.

What It's Like to Have Your Immune System Attack Your Hair (2)


Normally your hair will grow back by itself, but it may fall out again. Doctors currently do not have any cure available because it is something wrong with your own immune system. Instead, doctors can only treat the condition by prescribing medication designed to help regrow hair. There’s nothing they can do to stop it from falling out again.

If you are losing your hair because your immune system is attacking it then it can affect your whole life. It can make you less confident and more concerned with your appearance. However, it does not cause any lasting damage and won’t be painful. You can consider using hair pieces and wigs to conceal hair loss so you can continue to lead a normal life.

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